Nurol GYO

Istanbul, Turkey

Nurol Group of Companies – The journey began in 1966 when Nurol İnşaat Şirketi was founded by the Nurol brothers with great zeal and passion. Since the inception around half a century ago, the company has crossed several milestones of success and growth and became one of the most valuable firms in the country.

From roads to bridges and from houses to factories and from tourism to energy, Nurol Holdings continues to expand and create new values with each project across 3 continents and 20 countries.

Nurol GYO (Nurol Real Estate Investment Trust – Nurol REIT) is a part of the Nurol Group of Companies, which is considered as one of the largest international contracting firms in Turkey – with more than 50 years of industry knowledge and experience. Nurol GYO was founded back in 1997 and provide the services in different areas of land development, project design, marketing and sales.

The company’s profile comprises of projects like Ankara Nurol Residence and Karum Business Center, Istanbul Nurol Plaza and Zekeriyaköy Houses, Bodrum Oasis Shopping, Culture and Entertainment Center to name a few.

Nurol GYO has a history of creating living areas that positively affect people, radiate positive energy and make people happy and calm about the place. They tend to provide living solutions by creating a high-quality culture while considering the needs and expectations of people.

Development by Nurol GYO

Nurol Life

1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments

From $1,046,000


Huzur, Seyrantepe, Istanbul, Turkey

Development by Nurol GYO (Map View)
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